Placement Automation Software

Student Module

Profiles & Resume

Students can edit their profiles and prepare their resumes in the student module. Besides this students may change their password and manage messages received. Students also have the ability to store documents and certificates on the portal that may be useful to send along with applications to Employers.

Application Management

Students can set up job posting alerts and also apply to job posts that appear in the online notice board of the college. Students can view the status of their application and follow up with the employer / CPO to arrive at a conclusion in the matter.

Knowledge Center

The knowledge centers consist of over 40 pages of career guidance information, resume & interview preparation guides. Articles on subject matter that can help students plan their careers better and self-market themselves are published every fortnight. The knowledge center helps students step up to the next level to find attractive positions in the industry and better remuneration packages.

Career Counselors

Students have access to subject matter experts via email 24x7 and can ask any questions with regards to their careers. This facility helps students take important decisions with ease after consulting gurus in the career counseling space.

Online Quizzes & Tests

Students can do self-analysis, strengths identification and also skill improvements by using these tests and quizzes. The skill improvement tests and quizzes focus on personality, interview skills, resume writing skills, cover letter writing skills etc. There is no limit on the number of attempts students can make. Each attempt has dynamically changing questions. Using the online tests module helps the students practice and prepare for job applications.

National Job Vacancy Database

Job advertisements appearing in all major online job boards and print publications are aggregated and made available to students on the career portal. This helps students find the right opportunity for themselves by offering a single window to search all potential opportunities. Job advertisements remain in the database for several months after they originally appeared in the publication, giving students the chance to look at earlier openings.

Services For Students

We are pleased to provide special services to students to dramatically improve employability and chances of getting jobs. Services offered at a nominal fee to students include.

Professionally Written Resumes:

With hundreds of jobseekers applying to a vacancy, on an average a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds on each resume. This is the time you have to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Our experts create resumes that help you get noticed and get hired. Click here to learn more.

SMS Job Alerts Subscription

Daily there are hundreds of new job vacancies that are advertised by employers nationwide. These appear in the online, print media, company websites etc. Getting SMS alerts on the opportunities available help students save time searching for jobs, steer their careers and plan financials.
Click here to learn more.

Employability Education Courses

In addition we also offer employability education courses in collaboration with partners to help students become industry ready. This help students bridge the gap between their academic qualifications and the needs of the industry.

Students across our network have benefited from these services and their Testimonials are displayed below.