Placement Automation Software

College Module

Employer Management

Employers sign up on the portal to hire students from the college. The CPO can review all the employers who have signed up and validate/register the ones they would like to work with to place their students. The CPO can hence control the standard of employers who hire from the college. In addition the CPO can invite and sign up employers to hire from the college as well.

Job Postings Management

Registered employers can put up job postings on the online notice board of the college only after the CPO approves the job posting. Job postings can be simple notifications to the students, scheduled on-campus recruitment drives or scheduled off-campus recruitment drives. The CPO can take the job posting of the notice board. This helps the college manage number of students being hired by a particular employer and keeping the online notice board current and updated. CPOs also have a feature to renew old expired Job Posts as necessary.

Student Management

The CPO can import / create new student profiles. It is also possible for the CPO to view applications made by each student to the different job posts on the online notice board of the college. In addition the CPO can view the status (shortlisted, interviewed, rejected, hired) of the students applications and hence block students from making further applications to Job Postings based on the rules of the college, hence providing equal opportunity to all. The CPO can also change status of students in the system if the situation requires them to do so. In short the CPO has complete information and control of students being placed with different employers.

Placement Performance Tracking

The CPO can view performance in placement with three different contexts - Students, Job Postings and Employers. For each of these the CPO knows the latest status real time.

  1. In case of Students the CPO has information on each student - how many job posts applied, how many cases he was shortlisted, interviewed, rejected, hired and hence block his further applications.
  2. In case of Job Postings the CPO has information on each Job Postings – how many students applied, how many got shortlisted, interviewed, rejected, hired. This information helps the CPO drive students to apply if required to fulfill employer needs.
  3. In case of Employers the CPO has information on the complete list of Job Postings the employer put up and the performance of each employer at the college. This helps the CPO get insights for future placement initiatives.

Communications with Employers and Students

The CPO can publish news on the news section of the website where employers and students can view the latest developments at the college. In addition the CPO can also send newsletters via email to employers as well as students at click of a button. CPO can select list of students on different criteria or send / receive emails to individual students or employers.

College Information Management

This information about the college provided here helps employers gain a positive perception about the college. The placement office can update the college profile to make it as current and complete on a regular basis so that Employers are aware of the facilities at the college for campus interviews, number of students by degree and branch, the minimum offer package the college expects its students to get etc.

Services For Colleges

Colleges across the country use our placement automation software. Based on our interactions with the senior management and placement departments at these colleges we have evolved a set of services that can help colleges bolster and supplement their current placement activities. The services described here are optional and additional charges are applicable.

Promoting Colleges:

We work closely with the colleges to prepare and execute college promotional programs. These programs can be aimed towards attracting employers for better placement or towards students for better enrollment.

Placement Support:

Some colleges are unable to allocate dedicated resources for placement activities or need additional support in their placement departments. We provide these additional resources and services to help ensure that students and colleges do not miss out on opportunities and employers find it easy to reach out and fill their recruitment needs.

Industry Conferences:

We organize industry conferences where senior management from colleges and top executives from the human resources functions can participate and interact with each other. These conferences have different themes that help in bridging the gaps between academia and industry.

Training Workshops:

New upcoming and forward thinking colleges are continuously interested in upgrading the skills of the placement departments and faculty members. We provide workshops where colleges can gain insight into the internal workings of companies and hence align their efforts to better meet industry needs.

To learn more about these services, please fill out the interest form by clicking here.