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SMS Job Alerts Need

Contrary to what people say, getting a good job is hard. Good jobs from quality employers are scarce in India. Moreover, there is a strong competition for quality jobs. For every one good job from WIPRO or Infosys there are thousands of applicants. So you need a way to make sure you are first in the line with your resume. That is why you need SMS Job Alerts.

SMS Job Alerts & Emails

Sure you can get an email alert. But to get to your email you need to be in front of a computer and need internet access or need to go to a Internet cafe. Do you know how many emails are blocked incorrectly because of SPAM. So you simply cannot rely on emails to notify you.

Find Jobs with SMS Alerts

Naukri claims that they have thousands of new jobs posted on their site every day. You add to that other portals like Monster or Shine and you can imagine how hard and time consuming it is for you to search jobs online. And what about those jobs in newspapers and magazines? Do you have the time to read those? Well you don't. But we will spend the time and send you SMS Alerts only for those jobs that match your requirements.

Send CV with SMS Alerts

We want to make it easy for you to get a job. So we will send you matching jobs and you can even send your resume using our SMS alert service. Simply reply to the SMS for a job that you are interested in and we will automatically forward your resume.

Cost of SMS Alerts

You must be wondering the cost of this SMS Alert service. We want to make this as affordable as possible. So all that it will cost you is 30 rupees a month. At the cost of a cup of coffee you can now get SMS Alerts and jump-start your job search.

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